Our Family

Joe & Lindsay – 

We both grew up in Northern Indiana and spent many of those years attending the same church.  In 2009, my father took the pastorate at Lighthouse Baptist Church in South Bend.  It was a great opportunity for me to learn and gain hands-on church planting experience.  In 2014, before we were married, my wife and I had the opportunity to be on the same missions team to Johannesburg, South Africa for a two month block of time.  During those months the Lord greatly worked in our hearts individually burdening us for the dark continent of Africa.  He was working in our hearts in ways we were not aware of at the time.  Shortly after we retuned from this trip, He made it clear that His will was for us to be married.  We were engaged in December of 2014 and married in May of 2015.  We had a mutual burden for the continent of Africa and were seeking God as to how He would direct our lives and ministry for His glory.


img_4052During the winter months of our engagement, the open and needy field of Uganda was presented to us.  We began praying and seeking God’s will about being missionaries there.  We had the privilege of  taking a survey trip in November/December of 2015.  During that trip we certainly saw the need, but knowing that the world is a needy place in general and not wanting to mistake God’s call, we continued praying and asking God to give us a burden and confidence about moving forward in this direction.  About a year later He did indeed confirm His call to our family.  We were able to take a short trip there in January 2017, and saw God give us not only a confirmation of His will, but an excitement and joy about serving Him in this place.  You can read more about our burden for the West Nile Region here.



Joseph –

Hello, My name is Joseph.  I was born in April of 2016.  I was named after my daddy who was named after my grandpa, so that makes me Joseph III.  I appreciate the simple things in life, like being able to go barefoot when everyone else has to wear shoes, and using my fingers to eat.  I really enjoy being outside and I especially loved the warm sunshine in Uganda.  Yes, believe it or not, I have actually been to Uganda before!  Most people would find that quite amazing for a little guy like myself.  Daddy and mommy told everyone that I did great on all of our flights.  To be honest, I enjoyed every moment of it!  I really liked visiting Uganda, too.  There was never a lack of people to play with and fun things to do!  Daddy says we are going to live in Uganda and I will grow up there.  I am excited about that and I hope to meet some other boys who I can tell about Jesus.  Thank you for reading about me, and please be sure to keep me in your prayers.  Mommy says that I am a healthy, strong boy because Jesus is answering the requests of the many people who are praying for me.  If you are one of those people, thank you very much!


Abigail (Abbie) – 

Hi there, I’m Abbie.  I was born in June of 2018.  Daddy and Mommy named me Abigail which means, “My Father is Joy”.  I get to be an “MK” and travel around to a lot of fun places and meets lots of new people who tell me I’m such a cutie.  When they tell me that I can’t help but give them a big, slobbery grin.

My big brother, Joseph, loves me so much and always does silly things to try to make me smile.  Mommy always has to tell him to be sweet and gentle with me.  She says one day he will be my big protector, but for now they mostly have to protect me from him.  He doesn’t know why I don’t like him driving his cars and trucks across my face.  What I like the most is when he sings softly to me.

Daddy says I will get to go to Uganda for the first time when I turn 1 year old.  He says I’m just a little peanut so I need lots of prayer for safety and health.  He says there are lots of people praying for me and my big brother Joseph.  Thank you for praying for us!  I am excited that I get grow up on the mission field and help my family tell others about Jesus.