Our Testimonies

Joe’s Testimony –

It was a special privilege of mine to hear the gospel taught from the Word of God at a very young age.  The simplicity of the gospel is precious to me in that I understood in a childlike way that I needed a savior.  My guilt as a sinner was clear to me, and the sufficiency of the Savior was also clear.  Praise God for the saving faith of young children.  I realize that much was given to me, and much will be required.  A few years later I followed the Lord in Baptism.

The call to the ministry was not until I was twelve years old.  The Lord had laid it dearly on my heart that I must be yielded to Him in the direction of my life and must be surrendered to the ministry, should He make that direction clear.  One Sunday night, upon hearing a convicting and challenging sermon on the Great Commission, I accepted the call to the ministry.  Since that time I have not once doubted that our Lord would use me in the ministry in some capacity.

During my teen years I had the opportunity to take seminary level classes at a local church on weeknights.  For four years I was able to take a couple classes at a time and benefitted greatly from the Bible teaching. I also completed a Bachelors Degree in Accounting, which the Lord has used in my life as my “tent making”.

The direction toward Africa was not something I had spent my life anticipating.  I saw a great need in the States and had no intentions of crossing the ocean any time soon.  The Lord had specific plans, however, and clearly directed through an open door to take my first trip to Africa in 2014.  Since that time, God has manifested His divine will in my life and directed us to leave our home, family, and career to serve in Uganda.

Lindsay’s Testimony –

I was blessed to be raised in a godly Christian home. Our family was in church every week and also attended our church’s occasional week-long evangelistic meetings.  It was during one of these services that I came to recognize my need for a Saviour. At six years old, after hearing a message on eternal hell, I understood I was a sinner in need of punishment, and asked Christ to save me.  I was baptized a few years later at age twelve. To know Jesus and His saving power and to be a part of His family is the greatest privilege of my life!

Growing up, my interest was always captivated when a missionary would visit our church.  I enjoyed listening to the presentations they would bring and especially loved seeing pictures of the “untold millions.”  I had surrendered my life to Christ and as a result had a growing desire to be used of Him.  As my relationship with Jesus grew, He began teaching me that missions is not a place or people group, but rather, a lifestyle.  I was learning that as a believer I was called to be a missionary wherever I was.

One summer in my later teen years, the Lord impressed me with the idea that His burden should be  upon my heart.  He was teaching me that if I was to receive the desires of my heart as He has promised, they must be His  perfect and pure desires.  As I sought Him in prayer asking for His burden and heart for my life, the resounding call was for missions.

It has been so precious to me to look back over a few short years and recognize God’s Hand in preparing my heart to be one with my husband in our call to Uganda.